Saturday, 19 November 2011

Things are starting to get a little heavier....

Right now, I am on top of the world; today has been amazing. Leaving the idea of Uni for a moment, I took a lovely run today out to entirely unknown territory. I went to the greengrocer's with my housemate in the afternoon to get myself a potato (amongst other veggies) for my beautiful 8hour slow cooked chili. Beautiful dinner which has left me full and very, very happy. Instead of going out tonight, I'll be going to the library with my course friend to do work. I think I've given up on the club scene. My reasons for this can be better articulated in Charlie Brooker's article, "Clubs are Hell"

Anyway, back to reality....

We have a new project, whereby we have to create a 'device' which emulates the body movements and reactions to coming into your home. No, this doesn't make sense to me either. Which totally sucks. I am really well and truly stuck with this one. The deadline for this beasty is the 7th December. Very close indeed.

We also have our technology assignment drafts due. One of those things no one has taken all too seriously as the deadline was so far away, but suddenly, it's looming and it coincides with the aforementioned project.

Aaaaand another..... The architectural theory side of the course has kicked off with a bang. We now need to write critically about the buildings viewed in Paris (it wasn't all fun and games). This one can't be a last minute job like my usual strategy, the essay in question holding  50% weighting of the year.

I would also like to note that I have not drunk any alcohol for almost a week now, and a late bedtime to me is about 10.30pm. The 'Fresher Spirit' has definitely left me.

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