Monday, 24 October 2011

Deadline WIN

It definitely feels like a Tuesday today....
The hand in yesterday went well. I worked through the night, going to the library at 6.30 am, and meeting up with an equally sleepless 'last minute' friend at 8 in the studio. We were the only ones who had left it so late it seems, and armed with custard cremes we worked right up to the deadline. In total, I was awake for a dizzying total of 31 hours. In this time I had my fill of River Cottage in the background. I got 4 hours sleep yesterday afternoon, then it was out on the town last night to celebrate; I'm feeling the pain now. Good job that we only have 3-5pm today!

on my way to the library... ungodly hour.

Discovered, post-pen, that I'd missed the 'u'.... frustrating.

What has this deadline taught me?
It's probably a good idea not to try to do the piece of work that's worth 40% of the term in such a short amount of time.  Though, whether I remember this next time or not, is an entirely different matter.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Deadline Time

Currently living in the most UNTIDY room ever. And that is by my standards. Not good.

How is it almost Friday again???? The weeks seem to fly by when you are having fun have a deadline coming up.
On Sunday, 'Project Two: Container' is due, the deadline being 1pm. This is my first grown up deadline (ie it is not at all flexible), and I am half freaking out, and half overwhelmed by the ideas in my head.

This is one of my explanations (please leave criticism !) ...

In the design process of my container, I have struck upon and stuck with a narrative which relates my treasured object to the container.
 Before this narrative became apparent, I explored the idea of juxtaposition of material. For example I looked at the possible use of a natural wool to oppose the plastic and metal of my object. In relation to this I investigated and experimented with different methods of working with this material. Knotting and knitting were my first ideas; taking inspiration from different sources. The creation of a knotted fabric was prompted by thinking of primitive and practical original uses for ropes and yarn, thus taking the container as far as possible away from a mass produced modern plastic and moulded metal toy. This led me to a fishing net style.
I also explored knitting with the wool as this is a home hobby for me. I found that by using different knitting stitches, I could create different ways to wrap the car. At this point, my design was all about alluding to the shape of the car but not giving away entirely what it was, whilst juxtaposing the materials.
After a few trials, I came to the idea of the narrative. This being that my car is a replica of my car at home in Sussex – an old car which would have easily gone to scrap without my purchasing. Therefore I see my car as a recycled product; I could have bought a newer car with a larger carbon footprint to offset, but instead I bought a vintage English-made car which has had many owners. Thinking along the idea of taking what some people would consider not worth keeping and using it, I have created containers from recycled materials. I focused on finding materials that reflected the materials found in the car. For example, I indicated the metal used on the car with reclaimed aluminium beer cans, the plastic with fused plastic bags and the vinyl seat covers with an old, discarded vinyl record.
In terms of shape, I went initially with a traditional box shape to conceal the treasure within it; thinking of a treasure chest and the suspense of opening it. I also tried to keep the edges less than perfect to reflect the age and tattered look of my (real) car. I then changed to a curved, almost tunnel-like container to reflect the origins of the container’s materials. 

If you aren't bored to tears by some of that reading... then on with some pretty pictures!

Oh wait, what's that? I haven't been taking photos of anything because I've been super studious and ill? Oh yeah.... No photos chaps! 
After this deadline, I plan to knit some things, catch up on other work, and SLEEP. 


Saturday, 15 October 2011

This week in plymouth.....

This week has gone so fast! Tucked into my birthday cake eventually!

My mummy made me a tiffin cake 

SO much chocolate

Caaaaaake and Cath Kidston
 With the left over birthday photos over, on with the serious course-based stuff.....

The making of my container

 We have a deadline for monday, so I shan't write a lot here but all the best!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mount Edgecumbe

On Monday (10th Oct) we went as a class to Mount Edgecumbe by ferry. It was part of our container project, whereby we took our object inside its container and 'sited' it. The idea of place and site has been a reoccurring theme through the last couple weeks, and the lectures and points that have been made in lectures and workshops all clicked into place with this task.
Anyway, on with the pictures....

My placement - reflecting the recycled nature of my

Drake's Island


Monday, 10 October 2011

Since the last..... warning: a lot of photos!

Here follows the antics of the week 3-10 to 9-10.... enjoy!

Container experimentation: fused bubble wrap and
 plastic bags

The Moggy Model

More experimentation - fosters can box

Awesome vinyl

McDonalds outing

container experimentation -knitting and knotting

home sweet home

Model making - My birthday!!

Birthday House!

The finished article

The reassuring sign in the architecture studio

Lunch with Lawrence for my birthday

Smeaton's Tower

Sunday Lunch with the parents for my birthday

Thank you fam-a-lam


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

There is a new bike on the block and it's amazing. You can see the write up here.

I think the striking design has to go further than it's current trials - the idea has great potential