Thursday, 24 November 2011

More internet finds... again

This is from a site, named ungraphic, and this post caught my eye....

When you’re an architect
· you spend hours looking at & buying arch books but never have the time to actually read them
· your closet is mostly full of black clothing
· there are no people in your travel photos
· you will go into an off-limit area to look at a construction detail
· you have carpet sample doormats and tile sample coasters
· you can buy glossy coffee table books and claim them as a work-related tax expense
· the most important date in your calendar is your next deadline
· your vacations always become research.
· you see the sun rise… and set… and rise…
· the statement “It’s only 1 A.M.” seems perfectly reasonable
· you visit an art museum and take pictures of the building
· you slice your finger and the first thing you think is “don’t bleed on the model”

There were a LOT of these statements on this thread, but the ones I loved are here. Beautiful. Maybe I will do something this one day if I have a spare moment...

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