Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sketches and Sound

Today I spent my hours sketching out plans for our opera house project.

....I cannot believe how excited I am about it.
The studio gang would not believe me when I told them how thrilled I am to be doing this.

My current plan is have a magical woodland walk from a little tent with directions and leaflets, leading down to the opera house.

Today, I also thought about acoustics within the main auditorium. To explore what space is best and what materials to use, I am making a film with my friend Mary . We'll be creating a music video much like "Move along" or "Middle of the Bed", cutting from location to location. For my project, this will have the original sound, showing the tests of acoustics. Keep your eyes peeled!

I was trying to work out the volume per person, and this is
the result in a scale drawing. The tiny little armchair shows
that I clearly I have a problem with maths.

I made a sound scale today - it's in 1:200, so the metres along the top
are 200 times smaller than real life.
It shows the time-distance relationship, so for example, sound takes
 roughly 30 miliseconds to travel 10 metres.

Sound reflections in the auditorium

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