Tuesday, 16 October 2012

T- Minus 7 Days

With only a week to go, this project is feeling very real. It is a very scary thought that this project is worth 40% of  the year. Ahhhhh ahhhh aaaaaaahhhh!!!!

The brief:

  • Build a holiday cottage for at least two people without using any fossil fuels.
  • All services must be incorporated into the design (eg drainage, heating etc)
  • The Landscape must be a key point of the design
In today's tutorial, for which I stayed up working until gone 3, I was told that my scheme 'just doesn't work', and that I have to re-think a lot of the design. Since I'm not a fan of flogging a dead horse, I think that I may just start again. 

Wish me lots of luck!

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