Friday, 13 January 2012

Black Framed Glasses

The Architect Stereotype is becoming more and more obvious to me now. Our lecturer said a while back that the architecture course will lead us to become intrinsically part of an elitist group formed of 4am working people who "wear black polo-necks and drive around in Audis."  Though I thought it was an exaggeration initially, I am beginning to see the 'cult's' look when I am researching architects.

When we arrived at uni, one of the first things we found was a 'instant architect kit' which consisted of a cut out pair of round, thick black framed glasses. Now this is a funny joke once you start to become one of 'them'. The most famous architects  to wear these funny things are as follows:
(I've also noted their most famous buildings too)

File:Le Corbusier 1933.JPG
Le Corbusier - Villa Savoye, which inspired
 those white box houses we see today

Peter Eisenman - Parc de la villette, Paris
 ( I actually went there on our study trip !)

File:Peter in Kyoto Dec2010.jpg
Peter Cook - the Archigram* daddy - Kunsthaus,
Graz (austria)

Eero Saarinen - TWA terminal at JFK airport

Daniel Libeskind - London Metropolitan University.

Admittedly, Libeskind does not have rounded glasses, but you see the pattern here? Some of the greatest architects of all time are on this page.

I think this means that I need to lose my sight promptly and get myself a pair of these glasses in order to have fantastic sucess.  

* Archigram is a movement which looks like it could have been thought up whilst HEAVILY under the influence. It is a concept that thinks of the city as a movable beast, which can be added onto, changed around and then can just get up and go at will. 
Very yellow-submarine-on-a-big-trip, isn't it?

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