Thursday, 29 September 2011

Tonight's PADS Lecture

Ok, so there are probably a lot of things I would have to write about to inform of the coure so far. What I shall say is this: I love it. Today's workshops pushed me to create quick (mostly stupid) ideas, and work in ways that I would have never thought of before. I love Bob Brown's passion that he just lets flow into the studio. It is truly infectious.
Tonight we had our first PADS (Plymouth Architecture and Design Society) lecture, our speaker being the amazing Anthony Hoete of

"Hoete's  past projects, from a rooftop nursery in Hackney, to the architectural ‘hijacking’ of a suburban detached house, take problematic briefs and stringent red-tape requirements as an opportunity for innovation. His next project is a west London school with a Lego facade. The idea was a response to the Government’s Every Child Matters programme, and managed to include the pupils, as well as parents and local officials, in the design process."

Taken from Blueprint Magazine. ( I have included links to the work he went through with us)
Trust me, there is much more this guy has done. His talk has really pushed me to work harder and see the potential for creating something better, and not just going for the norm. As he said about the Lego school; just because the budget is small doesn't mean that you have to settle for a 'concrete box'. 

Check out his bloggy thing, which he intended to make architecture more accessible ( I believe?)

The mayor and a religious man with a great taste in colour  filling in some of the bricks.

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